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New Year, New Home

If your goal is to become a homeowner look no further than Lighthouse Real Estate Group.  We will guide you each step of the way.  But first here is a checklist of important items you must have in place before the search begins.

  • Know your credit and financial history
  • Shop around for a lender
  • Be realistic about what you can afford, you want to live in a home, not for the home
  • Be prepared for the type of loan whether it be FHA, VA, or Conventional, know the down payment amount
  • Talk to friends and family for Realtor recommendations
  • You should have a great rapport with your Realtor, go with your gut instincts
  • Begin searching for homes with your Realtor, set your search criteria 5-10% higher than your range, and allow your Realtor to negotiate
  • Make the offer and enter into a contract
  • Apply for your loan within the allotted time in the contract, adhering to dates in the contract is a must
  • Get a home inspection
  • Keep in constant contact with your Realtor and lender to provide any information necessary to get you to the closing table
  • When you hear the words ”we are clear to close” you may set the closing date
  • On the day of closing, you will need state identification, a certified check or wire for a down payment, and a whole lot of patience for all of the documents you will be signing
  • Last but not least treat your self to dinner to celebrate the gift of homeownership